Jan 15, 2019
The Dallas Yum

Clean Eating In DFW


xcited to share with you guys some spots that make it easy to not eat junk food and help me get closer to my fitness goals. I love these places and each place brings something unique to my fitness journey so here are the deets!


In the video below you can see why I love Reful and also Chris, the owner gives some background on what it is called that. Most prepped meals I’ve had are just not very filling, and they also don’t taste very good, but at Reful everything I’ve picked up is seriously amazing! They are perfect when I am on the go but also help me have energy all day even after my tiring workouts. Right now they are having a special where you can get 5 meals for $25 which is a STEAL. So make sure to get on that and try them out! You can order online and they deliver around Dallas.